Your business should always be trying to:

Win New Clients

Generate More Spend from all clients, and

Retain Clients

We can help you do this and its costs you nothing!

How we do it.

We will provide you with gift vouchers that you can use to achieve the above results and other relevant goals. Our services include tax advice, accounting advice, business set up and support, marketing and contracts. These are services that every individual and business needs and if you can provide them with a gift voucher to obtain these services free they'll do something for you to earn it. Tax advice is clearly topical at tax time but our other services, 24/7 advice line and unique Extra Refund service is appealing and available all year round.

You could create a campaign using our gift vouchers $400, $1,000 and $10,000 business support packs to achieve your marketing goals. The amount should be relevant to the target eg. individuals $400, business more. We'll work with you to create the reward and campaign that works for you.

Win clients or get existing clients and new clients to spend more, or retain clients. Eg “Register as a client or buy a product or service before July 15, 2019 and we'll activate the attached gift voucher for you!”

We'll contract with you to support these gift vouchers and guarantee they are unconditional, your clients don't have to spend a cent to use the vouchers.

Why we do it?

Exposure. To show new clients why we are the best. If they try our services and love what we do, which is what we expect, then they will likely use our services once they've used up the gifted credit.

Let's just say we're extremely confident that we provide a superior result than the rest of the market and only require time talking to a potential client to make them an actual client.

We could spend millions on advertising and not get the exposure we feel this program gives us especially in today's media marketplace.

Now that you understand why we offer this you'll see that rather than spend money on uncertain channels we'd rather give money and our time away to the end user direct and you can benefit from being in a position to help us gain this exposure.

You win because this program will drive your core business goals, your client or contacts (friends and family welcome) will win access to free services and money, extra refunds from past returns that they don't pay for from the own pocket, and of course we get exposure and the chance to build our business.

We're happy to discuss any arrangement that leverages our assets for you that gets exposure for us.