Discounts, gifts and more money for you

Earlybird Bookings

We will discount your current year base tax return fee by 10% for every past tax return we get you an extra refund for (up to 50%).

Refer Friends

Unlimited Earnings $25 to $100 per referral


Refer friends and family - we will pay you up to $100 per referred client! Find out how this works below.

Spread the news and let your co-workers, friends and family benefit from our services. Once your referral earns our company fees, we pay you up to $100 - the most common amount paid out. Given not every referral generates the same fees the amount we pay you per referral will vary. For most new clients we generate extra refunds from at least the last 2 years and very often more. In this case you can easily receive $100 per person you referred!